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April Fools’ Day: Best & Worst Pranks Around the Web

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DALLAS - We all enjoy a good prank every now and then, right? But, on April Fools' Day, you have to go all out! We've got to give it up to some of the best ones coming in on this April 1st.

Kicking things off are those ugly selfie shoes.

Yeah, those are even better than the selfie stick, but the selfie shoe-fie by Miz Mooz is definitely a far stretch!

Another PR prank is 'Petbox'.


For today only, Redbox has launched its top pet movie rentals! Like Gone Squirrel, Goatbusters and 50 Shades of Greyhound. Ok, now this is so cute. Wish it was real.

But keeping it real may have run Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin right off of Twitter. As a joke, Irvin tweeted to his fans and team that he'd made a terrible decision and had been driving after a few drinks.

But Twitter fired back, saying drunk driving is no laughing matter! Now Irvin says he's going on a Twitter hiatus. #EPICfail!


And ICYMI: Google launched ... Uhhhh...

April Fools, y'all !!!

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