Willie’s Reserve: Willie Nelson Rolls Out New Pot Brand

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AUSTIN, TX-We might have a clue as to what's been on Willie Nelson's mind all these years, weed!

The Texas country music star and longtime stoner is rolling out his very own brand of weed, Willie's Reserve.

Just don't get too high on the new buzz, it'll only be available in states where pot is legal.

Sorry folks, not everyone can say they puff puff passed the legend's ganja.

Willie plans on opening up stores where his brand will be sold alongside his branded bongs. You know a one stop head shop!

Let's face it, Willie's been loud and proud about legalizing bud for most of his life and now that Colorado, Washington and Alaska are on board, Willie's vision might be a hit!

But back in the Lone Star state, Willie's ways are still illegal. In 2010 he was busted after cops found six ounces on his tour bus.

Talk about a buzz kill.

But hey, maybe Willie is on to something here, he told CNN "I really believe the best medicine for stress is pot and I think it'll make us get along better."

Now that's putting it bluntly!

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