Windy Ride: Two North Texans Build Solar Bike

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DALLAS - Green technologies aren't always easy. But earlier this month, a completely solar plane took off from Abu Dhabi for a trip around the globe. Well, two Fort Worth natives want to take that technology one step further.

“We want to produce a unit that's able to recharge itself whether that's in the solar or not,” Ronnie Ingram said.

Ingram and long-time friend Leonard Phillips believe they have the right stuff to keep planes flying longer -- all using environmentally -friendly technology.

“Not only does it use solar, which is green, magnetic, which is green and also wind energy is green,” Ingram said.

“We’ve taken all these different pieces of technologies and blended them together," Phillips  added.

Coming together on what they call the Elien 2, a prototype built in Phillips’ garage, and they installed it on a bicycle.