Pizza Shop Offering ‘Mother Effer’ Reward for TV Thief Arrest

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DALLAS - It wasn’t just the pizza that was steaming at Zoli’s New York Pizza Tavern.

“Angry! I can’t believe someone would kick in a door and take a TV like that,"  General Manager Britt Chapman said.

A man burst through the front of the Bishop Arts restaurant and plundered the plasma, all while wearing a bright-colored track suit.

“He goes straight for the TV,” Chapman said, showing NewsFix the video.

Cheese! It was all caught on camera.

“My kitchen guy got here first and he realizes it’s pretty hot in the building. Then he realizes that the door is broken and the TV’s gone.”

Get this, after putting the TV outside, he then comes back to try to get a little cash from the register.

In the meantime, how are pizza lovers going to get their fill of March Madness?

“It’s killing me! It’s totally killing me,” Chapman said, unbuttoning his shirt.  “I’m even wearing my OU shirt today. I can’t watch CW33. I can’t watch anything right now.”

But folks are sure watching the suspect on social media. Friday, the surveillance video racked up over 25,000 hits. But there’s a sweet reward.

“We have a dish called the 'Mother Effer.' The idea was that we were going to put the video out and say a free 'Mother Effer' for whoever catches him.  [It's] designed for four people to eat, so whoever helps us, I hope they’re hungry.”

You’ve got to wonder -- is the flatscreen worth one’s freedom?