Keller Student Claims School Denied Her Lesbian ‘Promposal’

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KELLER, TX - These days prom-proposals are just as big as the glam night itself. That's why Casey Akers was pretty bummed when she says officials at Keller ISD told her she couldn't prom-pose to her female crush.

She had it all planned out -- Flowers, cookies, and a cute poster.

But Casey claims school administrators changed their "yes" to a "no" once they found out her date wasn't a dude.

Yeah, that sparked #LetCaseyPromposal with a slew of LGBT supporters backing up the teen.

Keller ISD says they “don't give permission” for any student “regardless of gender” for public promposals on campus.


Ok, we get it.. An entire flash mob could be a little much. But a poster? Nah.

And let's be real, not having a prom date at all is the real bummer.