Dallas Mayoral Candidate Arrested for ‘666’ Taggings

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DALLAS – Police suspected him all along for the devilish deeds. And now, DPD has arrested Dallas mayoral candidate Richard Sheridan in connection with the Oak Lawn “666” taggings.

A grand jury indicted Sheridan on a state felony. Police say it could be upgraded to a third-degree felony if it’s proven he targeted the LGBT community.


Richard Sheridan

The red “666” was first spray painted on the Legacy of Love Monument and the Cathedral of Hope in June of 2014. After that, 11 other spots around town were defaced.

“I know who did it,” Sheridan told NewsFix in July when cops called him a person of interest, not a suspect. “I’m going to provide to the police department a document written by this person that gives the reasons why this was done. My understanding is that it was not an act of hate, but an act of love and a warning.”

Really, huh? We didn’t know love came in a spray can.