Chew on This: Serious Pizza

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DEEP ELLUM - Pizza may not be a Texas tradition, but that doesn’t mean we don’t crave a good pie. And Mike Turley takes his pizza very, well... serious. That’s why he and a friend abandoned their corporate jobs to open Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum.

"There was no real actual pizza in my mind in Dallas,” Turley said. "I'm from Upstate New York. I grew up in a small town of like 9,000 people but there was like 12 pizza places."

Yeah, it’s not hard to tell pizza is his passion. That’s probably why Serious Pizza only uses made from scratch ingredients, starting with the dough.

"If you get it flattened in a perfect circle, you'll be able through in a circle,” Turley said. “If it's a crazy shape, it's gonna look crazy when you throw it in the air."

Now if you’re wanting to know, “why so serious?” Chew on this, Serious Pizza offers the largest pies on Dallas. Their extra-large pizza is a whopping 30 inches.

Whoa! That’s bigger than the average racing bike wheel. That’s bigger than a kid-sized hula-hoop. Heck, that’s bigger than, well you get it -- it’s huge! This baby can feed 10 people.

Now when it comes to the toppings, Turley believes in the kiss principle. You know, “Keep it simple stupid.” Cheese and pepperoni are fan favorites.

Oh, did we mention Serious Pizza sells 40s? That’s seriously awesome.

Kudos to Turley for making his dream a reality. Day-by-day, slice-by-slice.