NYT Thug Life: Rapper Slim Thug Ruins Credit Chasing Women

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HOUSTON - Living that lavish gangsta life ain't for the light-hearted. It's also not for the light on cash. Perhaps nobody knows that better than Houston rapper Slim Thug.

On Wednesday, The New York Times published his Op-Ed written by Slim Thug.

Yeah, that's a byline right out of left field.

In it, he writes about trying to sell his Houston home by taking advantage of Obama's short sale deal which would allow him to make a quick profit on his five-bedroom home.

But that's when things get a little more interesting. The trouble started when he mixed business and pleasure with his real estate agent.

Once the glitz and glam faded, Slim ended up in foreclosure after time ran out for the short sale deal.

Chasing the honeys led to creditors chasing the rapper. And Slim says his credit score is still recovering after scoring with the agent.

New he's hoping to spread his bad experience with sex and money through his new music.

"Workin' on getting better. Finally gettin' our life together."

slim thug gregoIn February, Slim took a ride with Grego and they talked about his future.

"What's your ultimate goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" Grego asked.

"In ten years, I wanna be 10 levels higher. I don't wanna rush to the top. I enjoy every level I'm at."

Well, judging from the posts on his Instagram, Slim Thug has enough swag to get him to where he's going.