No More Robocalls: Organization Lobbies to End Tele-Scammers

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annoying call2DALLAS – If you’ve got a phone, you’ve received those annoying robocalls. Yeah, these non-stop pre-recorded phone scams are enough to make your head spin. That’s why the Consumers Union is trying to rescue us from phony scammers.

“Over three million consumers have complained to the FTC about unwanted calls in 2014,” Maureen Mahoney explained.

One reason these 800 numbers keep calling is because the technology to get rid of them for good isn’t quite at our fingertips.

“There are a couple of technologies that have been developed that effectively block robocalls, but currently only a limited number of consumers in the us have access to it,” added Mahoney.

And that’s why the Consumer Union  is lobbying to get carriers like AT&T and Verizon to block these illegal calls for free before they trick us.

Along with their snazzy billboard on wheels, they’ve also launched an online petition at With over 200,000 signatures, they’re one step closer to blocking telemarketers for good.

And maybe one day, we’ll be able to automatically hit them with the  dial tone.