Hot Stuff: Wisconsin Player Caught on Live Mic Admiring Stenographer

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LOS ANGELES–When you’re in the spotlight, it’s always a good idea to pay a little attention to the people behind the scenes.

The Wisconsin Badgers are taking that to heart. While they’re the stars in the NCAA tournament, they’re giving a little extra attention to the NCAA stenographers–even learning how their tools work.

Did you even know the NCAA *had* stenographers?

Typing what people say isn’t as easy as it sounds–especially with weird words.

And that’s not the only kind of attention they’re getting from players. Last week in Omaha, a reporter asked Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes a question, but he was a bit distracted by–you guessed it–a stenographer.

“Gosh, she’s beautiful,” Hayes whispered.

Yep. He thought she was hot, but he didn’t realize his *mic* was hot as well.