Moving On: DFW Group Accepts Former OU Student’s Apology

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DALLAS  - Highland Park grad Levi Pettit apologized Wednesday to black leaders and the community for the racist chant that got OU's SAE chapter kicked off campus.

People in his neighborhood didn't want to talk to NewsFix, but that didn't keep  folks with the Next Generation Action Network from protesting outside Parker Rice’s house a while back.

Now, they’re directing their attention beyond the two local kids caught on camera.

“You have two children coming from the DFW metroplex that basically have been thrown to the wolves. Everybody should be investigating. Who is the leadership in this chapter?” Minister and Next Generation Action Network President Dominique Alexander asked.  “Because the leadership taught them that song.”

You have to wonder -- where are the other voices on the tape coming from?

But is the apology enough?  Next Gen says, "yes."

“With his apology, and with our acceptance, that’s what we’re going to be asking him to do. Telling the world and America the truth about the origin of that song.

Perhaps Levi Pettit won’t be the last to come out and apologize.

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