Insta-Art: Local Artist Uses Instagram to Sell Art

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DALLAS-Finding that perfect piece of art to hang in your home can be a challenge. It could be like finding hidden treasure.

But one local artist is making it easier to get his art in the hands of the buyer.

Jeremy McKane, an underwater photographer is sharing his artistry with the world through Instagram.

"So this Friday, March the 27th starting at 7pm, I'm doing a closing show, these pieces have been on display for a little bit and so I wanted to kinda give one last option to be able to do this,” said McKane.

So, how's that work?

It’s all with help of a new Austin-based startup company, Pay with Penny.

"I can actually post images of these individual pieces during the art show giving people the opportunity to participate simply by doing hashtag sold,” he said.

You just sign up with Penny and follow Jeremy's Instagram account. If his underwater art floats your boat then comment with #sold and charge it!

With more than 100 million people on Instagram, we'd say this is a picture perfect way to sell your stuff!

But it's not the first of its kind.

You can now share money with friends on Snapchat with Snapcash.

You can even snap up goods on Facebook with the buy button.

"We're in that state right now where there's a lot of paradigm shifts happening with social media,how do we use it, how do we make money with it, how do we spread the word," said McKane.

Hey if this works, we could be taking art we see on our social media walls and turning it into our very own wall art.

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