Hafu Snafu: Biracial Beauty Queen Criticized in Japan

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HONG KONG - There's been an ongoing buzz about Japan’s newest Miss Universe, and it's not because of her beauty. It's because  Ariana Miyamoto is “hafu.” That's Japanese for "from half."

The  20-year-old was born and raised in Japan by her Japanese mom and African-American dad. And some are questioning whether the biracial beauty queen is "Japanese enough" to wear the crown.

When it comes to the pageant world, where these ladies aim to be the perfect 10, some winners end up feeling like they have to defend their title because of their race.

Back in 2013, people on Twitter threw a fit because former Miss America Nina Davulvuri, who’s of Indian descent, wasn’t “American enough."

But would people have even noticed if Nina was maybe, blonde haired and blue-eyed?  Just saying.

Former Miss Texas runner-up Christine Tang says being half Chinese/half Japanese never stopped her from competing, but she did have her fair share of stereotypes thrown her way.

“Growing up I was always put in the Asian box,” explained Tang. "To this day there has actually never been an Asian-American Miss Texas. So, I was grateful for the opportunity to represent one of the fastest growing demographics in Texas.”

Hey, if you ask us, the focus should never be on someone's race. It really should be on who can get through those really tough questions.

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