Cops: California Woman’s Ransom Kidnapping Was a Hoax

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VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA – The reported kidnapping of a Vallejo, California woman for ransom has turned out to be a hoax.

Denise Huskins, 29, was found safe on Wednesday at her father’s Huntington Beach house, more than 400 miles away from Vallejo.

Huskins’ boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, 30, reported the kidnapping Monday afternoon, but police grew suspicious after they learned he waited several hours before he called police.

“The statement that Mr. Quinn provided was such an incredible story, we initially had a hard time believing it,” said Vallejo police Lt. Kenny Park, “and, upon further investigation, we were not able to substantiate any of the things he was saying.”

Police are furious at the amount of time and resources that were squandered during the ‘wild goose chase.’

“It’s a tremendous loss. It’s disappointing. It’s disheartening, and the fact that we essentially wasted all of these resources for really nothing, is upsetting,” said Park.

Police say Huskins and Quinn are no longer cooperating with the investigation, but the FBI has been called in to dig into Huskins’ financial records.

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