Return Policy: Man Returns Condoms After Being Rejected

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LANGHORNE, PA- So, we all like to save a buck, but one guy in Pennsylvania got put on blast after he thought he was gonna get lucky on his date.

So he went prepared, with condoms.

But this picture of his receipt has gone viral after he returned the condoms he planned on using. The reason? His date canceled on him.

Uh wait, you can return condoms? Yeah, news to us too.

All right let’s give this guy a break, at least he was being proactive against pregnancy or catching an STD.

But you have to wonder, did this girl luck out herself?

Either this guy really needed the $3 or he didn't think he would have much use for them after his failed date.

According to, condoms have a shelf life of four to five years.

Tough break for this penny pincher, but hey, on the bright side, he saved on dinner and flowers too!