Define The Catch: NFL Changes Language of Controversial Rule

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PHOENIX, AZ – It’s hard to admit when you`re wrong and our pals at the NFL are no different because when it comes to that infamous Dez play in the playoffs we all know that was a catch. So we`d like to think this week`s owners meetings had folks in the NFL admitting that the rule is a bad one. That`s not quite what happened.

NFL VP of Officiating and Cowboy party bus VIP guest, Dean Blandino, didn`t change the rule but he did change the language of the rule; the language in question? The receiver must now “establish himself as a runner.”

So how exactly does one do that? Bottom line: hold on to the damn ball when you hit the ground.

Hey, we don`t know about you but all we hear is that Dez caught that ball. Let`s hope the Cowboys can avoid this catch-22 rule next season.