Too Much Homework? New Study Says Less is Better

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DALLAS -  A new study says that too much homework isn't necessarily a good thing.

"Yes!" Pepper Potts, sophomore at Booker T. Washington High, said enthusiastically.

Published by the American Psychological Association, The study finds more than 70 minutes of homework isn't very productive for a student's education.

"I feel the longer I do homework, the less I care. I just want to get it done so I just write down random answers," Layla Mayla, sophomore at Booker T. Washington High, said.

"So, an hour is like reasonable, but anything over an hour odds are I am going to be looking out the window more often," Potts explains.

Well, hours of homework may be leading to some very bad behavior.  Yep, kids are doing homework behind the wheel.

"That's not surprising seeing as I've done it before too," Potts admitted.

"That is so dangerous," freshman James Praeger said.

Maybe less homework is a good thing in the end.

"I think the lesson to be learned from this is don't do your homework," Praeger said laughing.

Let's not greedy now.