Strong High: Colorado’s Legal Pot More Potent Than Ever

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DENVER - Some folks in Colorado are puffing some seriously powerful pot. A recent study found the legal weed sold in Colorado is off the ganja gauge and is nearly twice as potent as the stuff your folks had access to.

Hey kids, not saying they ever smoked it.

THC, the chemical that gets people flying high, is normally 10%. But some retail stores  slinging the stuff has THC levels at nearly 20%.

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So, what does this all mean?

"Some individuals have greater sensitivity to marijuana's effects," Dr. Francesca Filbey said.

At UTD, Dr. Filbey has studied the long-term effects of heavy users. She found smoking pot for at least six years or more "leads to changes in both brain structure and cognitively."

But she says what concerns her about the Colorado study is the effect of high THC could have on teens who are just starting to party with pot.

"So, whatever substances you introduce at that particular period could really change the trajectory of your development," Dr. Filbey explained.

With the Lone Star State debating whether to make pot legal, Dr. Filbey says this should raise the debate to a new high.

"I think we still have a lot of work that needs to be done to make that decision," Dr. Filbey said.