Hook-Up Culture: Being Lonely Can Kill You

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DENTON, TX-If being alone leads to loneliness and loneliness leads to death, we'd better make friends fast!

Researchers at Brigham Young University found that loneliness can kill you!

They say feeling lonely increases the risk of dying by 29 percent.

But there is a saving grace, while social interactions have become over shadowed by text messages and social media, the study says that face-to-face relationships help us manage stress, help our immune system and give us meaning.

But what about filling the void in the love department? Seems like it's getting harder and harder to find The One.

According to an opinion piece on Elite Daily, 20 something singles don't know how to date, siting the hook-up culture as the problem.

So could Mr. Right Now fill the loneliness until Mr. Right comes along?

Hey if you don't want to end up sad, lonely or dead, the answer seems kind of simple. Put down the phone and get out there.

The One could be around the corner.