Dallas Lawmaker Gets Death Threats, Revises ‘Cop Watching’ Bill

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AUSTIN - A proposed Texas law is generating death threats for the lawmaker who wrote it. The bill would make it illegal to shoot
cops -- with a camera close up.

Jason Villalba, the republican Representative from Dallas who's pushing the law, took to Twitter to explain his stance.

"My brothers and sister in blue asked for my help to protect them."

He also tweets that the current law is "unclear and hasn't worked."

Kory Watkins, an outspoken activist who was arrested in September for police interference while videotaping cops, believes the proposal is aimed at folks like him.

"Someone said they should call it the Kory Watkins Law, something about keeping police accountable," Watkins said.

Villalba says he's received enough backlash, including death threats, to convince him to make changes to the bill. He says a revised version would let folks record their own interactions with officers. Bystanders could shoot from 15 feet away.

He also says "journalistic" media would be exempt.

Villalba calls it "common sense legislation that will make it to the floor."

But Watkins is confident the bill won't pass.