Police: Dad Shot Son in Butt Over Empty O.J. Carton

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BATON ROUGE, LA - Being a parent can be challenging, to the least. Kids don't come with a manual, so it can get tricky when it comes to discipline. But one dad in Baton Rouge apparently took things to the extreme Sunday.

Cops say Eldridge Duke shot his son in the butt after an argument over orange juice!

The 18-year-old son collapsed in the driveway after being shot once. He's gonna be okay, but his dad faces some serious criminal charges.

Hey, whatever happened to not crying over spoiled milk -- or orange juice, in this case.

But sometimes, the tides turn and it's the kids who behave badly. A 12-year-old in Colorado reportedly tried to poison her mom not once but twice after she had her iPhone taken away.

Cops say the mom first noticed the  scent of bleach in her drink and was treated at a hospital. Four days later, she noticed the same scent in a water carafe.

Now the daughter's cell problems have landed her in a cell of her very own, in juvie!

Goes to show you, when tempers flair, petty problems often land you in a big old mess.