Aww… It’s National Puppy Day!

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DALLAS - There is a "holiday" every day of the year, but there may not be a cuter one than National Puppy Day!

Yep, March 23 means it all about the pups.

“Not a clue,” said Felipe Morales.

“I did not,” Sanya Maroney said.

Yep, these so-called holidays are starting to get out of hand. Sunday was National Goof Off Day and Tuesday is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day.

But just because these folks didn’t know about today’s “holiday” doesn’t mean they weren’t ready to celebrate with their pups. Even if this puppy was born without a full set of paws.

“She was born with a deformity in her right arm so that's why her left is so muscular,” said Morales. “She does pretty well on her feet even though she only has three legs.”

If all of these cute puppies are making your heart melt, maybe you’d like to adopt your own.

“Plenty of puppies available to be adopted,” said Teresa Kleek, shelter manager for Dallas Animal Services.

Puppy love! What better way to commemorate the holiday?