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Cruz to the House: Sen. Ted Cruz to Announce Presidential Bid

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AUSTIN, Tx - Come Monday the first hat in the presidential ring may be tossed. It`s a ten gallon hat with a side of tea party.

Word is Texan right winger Ted Cruz is ready to give it a shot and set to mix church and state by announcing his candidacy at the biggest Christian College in the world, Liberty University in Virginia, according to the Houston Chronicle.

A CNN poll puts Cruz near the bottom of the list of possible GOP contenders. Jeb Bush sits atop the pile.

The poll also finds that there are three things Americans would like in a perfect successor to President Obama:
1) A seasoned political leader (Senator Cruz is a first-termer)
2) Someone with an executive background (Donald Trump anyone?)
3) Someone willing to change Obama's policies (ok, vague enough!)

Looks like Cruz is revved up to lead a government he helped shut down. His 2013 fight against Obamacare ultimately resulted in a 17-day government shutdown.

November 2016 is a long way off, but at this rate, politicians are going to make it feel longer.

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