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Change the Game? Proposed 9-Point Play Could Leave NFL Fans Confused

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PHOENIX, AZ — As if the rules of football weren't already confusing enough for most folks, a newly proposed rule to incentivize teams to go for two, could have you scratching you head.

Here`s the scenario: the Cowboys have the ball with 5 seconds to play, down by nine.

Well, if you know anything about football you`re probably headed for the exits.

But, that might all change. On Sunday, the NFL Annual Meeting kicked-off in Phoenix and one of the proposed rule changes under review includes a nine point play.

How? Well let`s say the Boys score a touchdown. They get their standard choice of kicking an extra point or going for a two point conversion.

Under the proposed rule, if the Boys go for two and succeed they would then get the option to go for an extra, extra point.

But, here's the kicker that one-point “field goal” is a 50-harder

Confused? Well, don`t worry; it probably won`t pass. But, one change fans hope will pass could reduce a lot of confusion.

The NFL will reportedly look at the language behind the rule that defines a catch.

That`s right, maybe they`ll finally clear the air and admit Dez caught that darn ball.

Yeah, we're not at all still bitter.

Anyways, if it passes, it`s too little too late for Cowboys fans. Not even a nine-point play can over-turn that memory.

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