Tax Help: Free Tax Prep for Low Income Families

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HOUSTON, TX -- Tax time can be confusing. So, depending how comfortable you are with all the forms, tables, and rules, a little help can go a long way -- but it can cost a pretty penny.

That`s what`s great about VITA - the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.

"Taxpayers may pay 3, 4, 500 dollars... over here it is completely free, 100%," VITA site manager Lucy Petry said.

On the IRS website it says, if you make $53,000 or less, have a disability, are elderly, or struggle with the English language, you qualify for free tax assistance.

"We have IRS certified volunteers, who cannot only help you with your taxes, but can also help you with with direct deposit and e-filing," Petry explained.

It`s not a new program; it`s been around for decades, and some of the folks come back every year.

"I`ve been using this service for probably 20 years now, you just have to walk in, sign up, and they handle everything very well here," Billy Galick said.

Johnny Huynh has been volunteering for about seven years, and he says, first and foremost, remember to bring some essential items.

'Definitely W2s, most people know to bring that, identification, it`s really helpful when they bring last year`s return or maybe even the last couple of years so that we can see what their return looks like from year to year so we can see if what we`re filing this year looks consistent with that."

To find a vita site near you, go to\freetaxprep, and search your zip code.

The IRS tax filing deadline for 2015 is Wednesday, April 15th, just a few weeks away!

So, if you`ve been procrastinating... get on it; and if you qualify, there`s volunteers out there just waiting to give you a helping hand.

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