South by So What: The Other Music Festival Rocks Grand Prairie

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Grand Prairie, TX - We all know our neighbors down south have a lock on the coolest music festival in the country -- SXSW.

But, closer to home, some folks say -- "so what!"

“South by So What, is the most sickest concert in Texas,” festival goer Remy Wilson said.

Welcome to DFW`s mosh-pitting, head banging alternative to the hipsters down in Austin.

“Who really cares, just because Snoop Dogg is there (at SXSW) doesn’t mean anything,” Wilson added.

“We drove here from New York,” fan Samantha Reed said. “We saw this lineup a couple months ago, and just knew we had to go.”

For those of us who might not be familiar with this scene, what`s behind all the screaming and devil horns?

“It’s about self release,” Steven Lee Body explained. “Being able to get angry, but not get in trouble.”

“I’ve seen noses broken, I’ve seen people lose teeth,” Reed recalled. “The better question is, what can’t happen at a metal concert?”

Hey Austin -- you can stay weird, we’ll just rock on!