Haute Wheels: Mobile Boutique Rolls Through Big D

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DALLAS, TX -- There are hot wheels, and then are haute wheels.

"I think it's adorable, it's a great concept," one woman said.

Yeah, forget about driving to the department store - that`s so 2000-late. It looks like mobile boutiques are the new fashion trend. That`s right - a new roving retailer is giving a whole new meaning to street style.

"We sell women's contemporary clothing and jewelry and accessories; everything is under $100," Kelly Aguilar said. "So, we try to provide mobility and convenience that won't break the bank."

Co-owners and North Texans, Kelly Aguilar and Abby Elstad, are taking a unique concept for a spin. They started their couture creation - Shop Haute Wheels.

"It's really perfect for the modern day shopper," Elstad explained. "You don't have to worry about beating traffic at the mall, or wearing something someone else has; it's just a unique concept."

Looks like the young entrepreneurs are really driving fashion, and treading new terrain in the world of mobile boutiques.

"It's totally convenient - here I am," one shopper said.

Guess it was just a matter of time; after all, food trucks have been on a roll these days. Hey, if you can buy a burger from a truck, why not a blouse?

"We thought we could do it with a store, as well, which would gives us the freedom to capture different audiences and customers all over the DFW metroplex," Aguilar said.

Now, that`s what we call fashion for women on the go.

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