Fairy Tale Fashion: Prom Dresses Donated to Area High School Teens

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DALLAS, TX -- What teen girl doesn't dream about the 'perfect prom'? But for some, becoming a prom princess isn't a fairy tale story found in popular books.

That's why the Dallas Public Library, along with some kind hearts, made dreams come true for many deserving young girls.

“This is our second year of opening up our fairy tale closet,” explained Youth Services Administrator, Melissa Deasee.

“We've collected dresses over the past year, some new and gently used dresses that we can give away to girls who might not afford one.”

Yeah, the royal treatment includes everything but the crown, and there were plenty of free threads to go around.

“It feels awesome to come here and find a dress, because it helps us find a dress the one we want and we didn’t have to spend too much going out looking for one,” Kishandra Smith said of her donated dress.

Local volunteers didn't just donate to the cause, but they also spent the day matching each dress with a deserving diva.

"I'm just happy I could try to ask them a few questions so I can get their interests to determine what type of style they have,” volunteer Sharae Ilinguist said.

“My dress would have probably cost like $200, so I’m happy I found one that I actually like,” recipient Portia Irby added.

How's that for a happily ever after? Hey, who says fairy godmothers don't exist?