We Google What? Strange Things People Search by State

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DALLAS, TX -- C`mon, admit it - chances are, you`re one of those; you know, a Googleholic.

You know the type - need an answer to an obscure question? You Google it.

You can`t remember the name of the actor who stars in Arrow? You Google it.

Yeah, it can be a never-ending, time-wasting, type and search adventure online. Hey, we`re not judging; heck, who isn't in Googleholics Anonymous?

But, have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly folks are searching? Well, you might have guessed - we Googled it.

Turns out, Fixr.com mapped out the most commonly Googled services and their costs, for all 50-states. Folks, some of these results are pretty wild.

Check out Cali - the state is cost obsessed with facelifts. Well, in the land of beauty, guess you gotta keep up with appearances.

In Nevada, 'prostitute` topped the list. No surprise there; uh, Las Vegas - hello! But what`s up with Mississippi? They`re searching costs for `DNA test.` Maybe they should just book a show with Maury?

Folks in Idaho are all about liposuction; perhaps too many french fries? North Dakota left us scratching our heads with their result: `a minor.` What?

Moving on -- Ohio is all about 'private investigators.' Wow - these results kinda make Texas look tame; our most Googled service? `A nanny.`

Lesson here, friends - be careful what you Google - it could just end up all over the map.

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