White Only? Austin Business Owners Met with Racist Stickers

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AUSTIN, TX-It’s a case of 'Who done it?' On Wednesday, several east-side Austin business owners were met with stickers on their front doors and windows. The stickers stated those establishments were 'exclusively for white people' and only a maximum of five 'colored' customers are allowed. Five. Right. As if that makes it okay.

Oh yeah, and colored back of house employees were okay, too.

But perhaps what made this unbelievable sight believable was the city's logo as a stamp of approval.

The sticker credited the Contemporary Partition and Restoration Program for the racist message. The City of Austin says it is a phony organization and they are unauthorized to use the logo.

Businesses affected by these racially offensive stickers, like Rare Trends, took to social media saying they do not discriminate against any person.

Glad to hear it, come on guys, it’s 2015!!!

Now Austin cops are investigating who put up the discriminating seals.

Here's hoping the perps get a punishment that really sticks.