SMU Loses Heartbreaker to UCLA

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LOUISVILLE, KY - It’s been a long time since SMU has been at the Big Dance, but for the first time since ’93, the Mustangs tipped off at the NCAA Tournament.

Yeah, most of the students who packed a watch party at the Barley House in Dallas probably weren’t old enough to remember the last time Ponies were in the Tourney.

Well, the excitement came to a crashing halt. The Mustangs were stunned by UCLA, 60-59 on a controversial, last second goaltending call.

“Never quite been in a game like that,” said SMU coach Larry Brown. “Never saw a game end like that.”

SMU fans weathered the call as best they could.

“It’s goaltending. You can’t complain about the call, but it’s a tough way to lose a game,” said fan Amen Amachigh.

“The call was right and the Mustangs made mistakes and the very end there that cost them the game,” said another fan, Matthew Rohleder.

So, Midnight came early for SMU’s Ball. Let’s just hope it’s not another 22 years before they make it back.