Simon Says: Robert Durst is a Victim!

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How many times have you talked to yourself when you were alone in the bathroom? Admit it, we all do it.

There’s no “stalling” your mind when you are alone. Robert Durst proved that the past few days in the  HBO documentary.

Was saying, “killed them all” a confession?  Did he murder his wife and friend?

Well, we know one thing:  Durst is also a victim.  A victim of the hot microphone!

He’s not the first. Just ask everyone from Joe Biden to George W. Bush. These “hot mic” moments are full of brutal truth.

I wish more people would talk like that instead of just throwing out words that, if you think about it, mean nothing.

You sneeze and someone says,  “God Bless You." But are they really talking to a higher authority?

Cashiers say, “Have a nice day.” But do they really care how your day is going?

Someone walks by and says, “How are you?” But you know they aren’t expecting a long answer about your health, mortgage and the kids.

There are so many other things people say but probably don’t mean:

“I wish I were dead.”

“I could kill them.”

“No offense, but….”

So, maybe we should imagine we always have a mic on. It would be a pleasure to get the brutal truth.

Although in Durst’s case, it may be a “guilty” pleasure.