Local Police Stations Provide Craigslist Safe Zones

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IRVING, TX - We've all heard the horror stories about folks who've been ripped off and even killed using Craigslist.

But hey, who doesn't love a good deal? But could that bargain come at a cost?

Jeremy Collins has done his fair share of buying and selling online.

"I've purchased our pet Dioxin. We found her on Craigslist, video games, electronics. I've also sold furniture," Collins said.

But he knows all too well how deals can become dudes almost overnight. After buying a moped from Craigslist, Collins took it to a mechanic for some minor repairs.

"They took a look at us and said that the vehicle identification number had been scratched off," he explained.

We're talking stolen, folks.

"Unfortunately, we get regular calls from people who were taken on Craigslist or similar sale sites," said Irving Officer James McLellan. (Irving P.D.)

Irving PD says they see scams like this all the time from people buying stolen stuff or using phony cash. In order to curb Craigslist crime, some cities around the country have set up "Safe Places" for legit folks to buy and sell with authorities monitoring the deals.

"I would do it there for sure," Collins said. "I'd definitely feel safer doing it."

While the City of Irving doesn't have an official meet up spot up in Denton, folks can do business at PD Headquarters.

"'At a police station or another government building where there is high traffic," Officer McLellan said.

So, if you're looking for a good deal, just be smart about it. And remember, buyer beware!