WATCH: DeSoto Fireman Rescues Dog Stranded in Chilly Water

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DESOTO - DeSoto Fire and Rescue Engineer Craig Kirk braved very cold water to save a Scottish Terrier stranded in the middle of a pond.

After calling to the dog a few times and getting used to the water temperature, Kirk was eventually able to get to the pooch, named Indy,  and bring him to safety.

Now, Indy is chilling out at the Tri-City Animal Shelter, waiting to see if his owners will come retrieve him.  He did have a chip implanted in his body, but the information linked to it wasn't updated. So, they're having trouble reaching them.

Don't worry.  Indy will find a home in the end, because even though there was a flood of phone calls from people wanting to adopt him, his savior, Kirk, will take him in if the owners don't come forward.

All you people wanting to take Indy home, just know there are over 100 dogs at the shelter looking for love, too.  I'm sure they all have interesting stories on how they were rescued in DeSoto -- just not on video.