Green Day: The Real Story Behind St. Patrick’s Day

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DALLAS - Green Day is upon us and folks started the party early Tuesday.

“I have the official beer of St. Patrick’s Day, which would be a Guinness,” Sherlock’s patron Kat Rauzi said.  “You can’t have a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without drinking a Guinness or two or three. It's awesome.”

What do you to feel lucky on St. Paddy’s Day?

“Usually just a few beers with some friends, but as you can see, no green today,” J.C. Moore said.

“I normally go to Hot Springs and go to the World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” patron Jeff Lloyd mentioned.

But other than the parades, seas of green  and the extra consumption of adult beverages, what do you know about St. Patrick?

“Irish, that’s all I know,” Moore said.  “And they drink beer,” Lloyd chimed.

“I just know St. Patrick is probably one of the best saints of all time,” Rauzi added.  “Brings everyone together whether you’re Irish or not.”

“Patrick, isn’t he the one? No, I don’t know,” Lloyd said.

Perhaps the folks at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church can help us out.

“St. Patrick was captured as a young man and taken to Ireland and worked as a shepherd," Rev. Josef Vollmer-König explained. "Once he escaped from Ireland and went back to Britain and became a priest, he returned to Ireland as a bishop to bring the good news -- the gospel to the people of Ireland.”

And just like St. Pat, this priest wasn’t always a priest.

“For 30 years I worked for General Motors.  Raised a family of eight children, 27 grandchildren. My wife died and I decided to become a priest. A pastor is also a shepherd. And since I’m from Germany, that makes me a German Shepherd,” König smiled.

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