Wet Paint: Pro Paintballers Battle It Out in Forney

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FORNEY - It was a wet, muddy day in Forney, Texas.   The perfect day for some... Paintball??

"There are over a hundred teams here and they`re actually from all over the world.  We have some from Russia, from France..." said Lauren Kelly, sideline reporter for PSP Events. "So we're still pumped, we're still out here having fun."

But these guys aren't just here for fun - these are professionals!

"A lot of people think of paintball as something you kinda play in the woods, you can just kinda go out and have fun with it," said player Marcello Margott of the Los Angeles Iron Men. "This league right here that we're at, the PSP, is actually the highest competition you can find in the world.  It's a world-wide sport that people travel all over the place to compete."

One of those travelers is Axel Gaudin, who plays for the Russian Legion, but he's originally from France.  Paintball has brought him to Texas -- and it sounds like he likes it!  "It's good for me; I like. Everything is big, everything is huge, we have good teams over here, so it's really interesting to play against the best teams in the U.S."

"I don`t think people understand the dedication professional players actually put in," Margott added, "It's really strenuous on your body. I`ve actually blown my knee out playing a couple times; had reconstructive surgery."

It's also a game of teamwork, which can be challenging with gear and guns that make it hard to hear each other.

Player Jason Edwards of the Tampa Bay Damage said, "It's kinda like that teamwork that you get from like more of a brotherhood."  And Edwards knows plenty about that - he and his younger brother play on the same team!  "That helps a lot, yeah; a lot of people say it's like a weird like sixth sense where we don`t even have to talk."

The PSP is off to the next city now, but you can follow all the action on PSPEvents.com.

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