Dallas Police Body Camera Shows Shooting of Mentally Ill Man

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Dallas police body camera video shows the moments leading up to the shooting of Jason Harrison

Dallas police body camera video shows the moments leading up to the shooting of Jason Harrison

DALLAS--Family members and friends of Jason Harrison have been waiting for this day.

The mentally ill Dallas man was shot and killed by two Dallas cops in June 2014.

The cops said Harrison lunged at them with a screwdriver. They said their body cams caught the whole thing.

But it took nine months for them to finally release the video and let the family see for themselves what really happened.

It starts with police at the front door. Harrison's mother walks out, followed by her son. You can see a screwdriver in his hand.

The camera moves to show the other officer aiming his gun, ordering Harrison to drop the screwdriver. That officer fires, and Jason Harrison falls to the ground.

"The footage depicts him not stabbing, not thrusting, not lunging in a way that would jeopardize the lives of either of these officers," said Geoff Henley, attorney for the Harrison family. "He never leaves the front porch and he's gunned down."

The video never gives a sense of what Harrison's doing the second before he's shot.

His family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against DPD. They've claimed all along cops should have done something else to stop Harrison without killing him.

"Deadly force is the last thing they wanna do," Henley said. "We didn't go down that list here."

Dallas cops sent us this statement:

"The Dallas Police Department has completed its criminal investigation into the June 14, 2014 Officer Involved Shooting. The investigation has been forwarded to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office for their actions."

So, this is working its way through the system. We`ll find out if this gives everyone a clearer picture.

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