Not So Level: Lake Granbury Still High and Dry

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Granbury, TX - Look who decided to come out of hiding? Yup, that was the sun Monday, and nothing screams spring more so than sunshine.

Who's ready to hit the lakes?

With all of the snow, ice and rain, this winter, lake levels must must be looking a lot better right? Wrong!

“The water should be up here,” says Richard Tanner Taff, general manager of Lake Granbury Marina, pointing over his head. “A boat should be able to pull in and get right here but as you can see there is no water  and there is no way a boat is getting in here.”

Drought conditions are still brutal folds.

Lake Granbury is still eight and a half feet under its normal depth. But, as bad as that sounds, the levels are actually up, at least a little.

Last Spring Newsfix visited Lake Granbury. Levels then were so low -- it left the Lake Grandbury Marina high and dry, and things are pretty much the same now.

Guess you could say our winter rain is just a drop in the bucket. So much for lakeside homes and businesses.

“On weekends all of these boat slots that are now on ground would have boats,” says Taff. “During the summer we would staff four to six guys, that would work outside. Now we get one maybe and thats only for like two months.”

This lake isn`t the only one under water. Joe Pool Lake is the only one in DFW considered full.

“To fill this up it would take quite a bit, there would be have to be flooding damage somewhere,” says Taff. “I hold out hope it will come back but I don`t count on it”

Here's hoping the heavens shower Lake Grandbury with mercy this spring.

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