Blue Battle: Sunday Liquor Sales for Texans?

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DALLAS, TX—The Blue Laws are making some Texans red hot. We’re talking about those laws that keep liquor stores from serving sales on Sundays.

“I think that businesses should be able to decide when their doors are open. I don’t really think it’s the place of the government,” Jeremiah Jensen said.  “The Blue Law definitely had its place in times, that seems to not be the case.”

State lawmakers are considering to reverse that law, but not everyone is ready to drink to that.

“Where’s our morals at, where’s our standards at?” Pastor R. Chambers said.  “Is it for a dollar? We need to do it God’s way.”

The Blue Law definitely had its place in times before, but that seems not to be the case.

The folks at Love Liquor in Dallas can see the issue from both sides of the counter.

“If they cancel it, it`s good with me, if they don’t, it’s still good with me,” Berhane Ghebremedhin, Co-Owner/President at Love Liquor said.  “I can go to church and be with my family..and of course it`s good income for the state and the store.”

He says the current law hasn’t cut into business.

“If they don’t get it on Sunday, they will get it on Saturday. It might cut into Saturday sales.”

The blue laws don't just affect liquor sales -- but it also puts the brakes on car sales, too. The folks over at Huffines Automobile Dealership aren't ready to switch gears.

“We’re open for sales 79 hours every week.  It would add some expense to be open 7 days a week,” Owner Ray Huffines said.  “Our employees work long enough hours as it is and it would be more difficult to hire good people to work Saturdays and Sundays.  Another problem is, the lenders aren’t open on Sundays.”

Perhaps we'll find out soon enough what lawmakers decide. If passed, you might be able to take home Taaka on a Sunday and drive-off in a new car. Ideally, not in that order.

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