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Walker Stalker: Living Dead Fans Rise for Zombie Convention

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DALLAS, TX — The dead walk in Dallas! Yeah, that’s right -- the Walker Stalker Convention rose from the grave at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center and the hordes came creeping in.

So, what makes zombies so popular with these 'Living Dead heads?'

“They’re dead!” one young fan said. “And they bite people and there’s a lot of cool games about zombies!”

“It’s a little bit more realistic,” Jeff Bell, decked out like a zombie, said. “It’s something you can actually dream about happening.”

Well, some lucky fans also got a chance to grab a sneak peek of the new CW show, iZombie.

You can get your chance to see the new show Tuesday at 8:00 PM.

So, whether you like fast zombies or slow zombies -- there’s a safe haven in the Living Dead fandom!

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