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Sick Pic: Dog with Plastic Bag Tied Around Its Snout Unleashes Anger

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LEWISVILLE, TX -- There are some images that just make you sick – this is one of them. dog
Yes, that’s a dog, in its crate with a plastic bag tied around its snout.

The caption reads, 'Don’t sh** in my house.' One Facebook user commented the plastic bag is filled with the dog’s poop.

That's just sick.

The pic circulated on social media Saturday. Heck, you may have even seen it pop up on your timeline. As you can imagine, folks are barking mad at the chick who posted the pic on her Facebook page; many demanded she be charged with animal cruelty.

One woman writes: “wow if your that way then why did you get a dog....accidents happen..”

Another says: “Terrible! not only is it heartless, cruel, and disgusting, but dogs can suffocate in plastic bags.”

The pic was shared with Frisco PD. Cops there tell NewsFix the case is out of Lewisville.  So far, no word from Lewisville PD about the woman, or dog, behind the post.

The pic has since been removed, but not before it unleashed countless comments and fury.

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