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Not in My Backyard! Protests Over Mansfield Medical Waste Center

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MANSFIELD, TX - There could soon be something creepy behind closed doors in Mansfield, but not if some folks in the city have anything to say about it.

As early as this fall, Dallas-based RedAway LLC could be using a Mansfield building to store and process medical waste. And it's not just needles and bandages. Surgically removed human body parts could be stored here for up to 90 days before being transferred to an incinerator.

Nearby Bethlehem Baptist Church has become a rallying point for citizens who say, 'Not in my backyard!'

A state-issued permit would allow RedAway to operate, but  pastor Michael Evans says Mansfield residents will continue to fight. They've been protesting every Saturday morning in RedAway CEO Justin Smith's Dallas neighborhood.

Smith defended the company at a City Council meeting back in August, but he'll have an uphill battle to win over neighbors of the facility.

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