Kicks for Kids: Kids of Cancer Patients Play Soccer with the Pros

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FRISCO, TX - Get a kick out of these kids! Is there a Pele in the making?

“I feel excited,” Nehemiah Mathika said.

“I feel happy,” Dora Mathika said.

These kiddos got up close and personal with the pros at FC Dallas Thursday, but while it might look like fun and games now, some of these kids are dealing with tough times at home.

All of these guys have a family member living with cancer. That's why Cancer Care Services and Chase Bank teamed up with the FC Dallas Foundation to give these kids a break.

“[Cancer Care Services] provides services for survivors and patients and family members of survivors and patients,” Melissa Reddick, Executive Director FC Dallas Foundation, said.  “We give them scarves and balls. Days like today you jump out of bed, you're excited to be around the children.”

Children like Cloe Whiddon. She remembers when her mom was diagnosed with Breast cancer.  Cloe was 16.

“I was just mad at first. Scared, worried. [My little sister understood] Mommy has cancer. Mommy’s going to have surgery. Mommy’s going to lose her hair. It would be hard. Changes your life. It really does.”

“I did not want my children to grow up without a mom,” Cloe’s mother Tamara Whiddon said.  “So I realized I had to turn into a warrior and fight. There’s a lot of things that cancer takes away, but it adds a lot of things to your life also. And cancer care [services] has been one of the best things that's been added to my life.”

“I was like, okay, they’re probably going to make us talk about our feelings, and we got there, and it was nothing like we expected,” Cloe explained.  “You don’t realize how much you need other people who understand until you talk about it.”

These kids are kickin’ cancer and getting free tickets to a pro game. Now that's a gooooooal!

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