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Home Hacks: Smart Thermostats Could Be Target For Hackers

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Looks like we live in a world where almost anything from computers to smart TVs to baby monitors can be hacked. According to the security company TrapX,  your smart thermostat could be the next target.

“I didn’t think anything like that could happen on one of these devices, so it was news to me,” said Nest thermostat owner Zach Luz. He's had his for about a year. “I love it! To me, it's one of the greatest things I think they’ve ever invented.”

TrapX says they tested the device to see if they could hack into the system, and turns out they could. Researchers were able to track web history and other info you don’t want the bad guys to know, -- like when you're home. The study did say potential hackers need to have access to the device itself, unlike other devices where hackers can get in through wifi networks.

“You actually physically come to the device, take it off the wall, and hook it up to the USB and do that -- and I don't see anyone doing that, coming into my house.” Luz said.

The folks at Trapx say hackers don't have to get into your house if you bought your thermostat second-hand, from places like Craigslist or eBay. Nest told NewsFix no Nest device has ever been compromised remotely, and they’re always improving security of the device. Luz has complete confidence that his Nest can stand up against a potential hack job.

“It's going to take a lot for a hacker to really want to get in and do it. The fact that the capability is there, you know, there is a capability for a hacker to get in anywhere. Where there's a will, there's a way."

Yep. Just remember: If you've got smart devices, be smart.


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