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Feeling Stuffed: Facebook Changes Emoji After Backlash

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MENLO PARK, CA - Facebook allows you to express yourself in lots of ways, but expressing yourself with one emoji turned into a big issue. Folks weren't feeling the emoji for “feeling fat.” To protest the chubby smiley face, thousands signed a petition using the hashtag #FatIsNotAFeeling.

Due to the backlash, Facebook has now removed the emoji and replaced it with “feeling stuffed.” This Facebook face-off rides a wave of changing sentiment concerning shaming folks who have put on some extra pounds.

Twitter users in Los Angeles stood up for a man who became the butt of a joke on social media because of his weight. He was dancing like nobody was watching, but when he saw they were -- and were laughing -- he stopped. His reaction was posted on social media and Twitter turned into a feeding frenzy.

One woman wanted to throw him a party and her effort to find him went viral. Turns out, Sean from London responded, saying he'd love to have a dance party. After celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Ellie Goulding weighed in, it took just four days to raise almost $40,000 to host a dance party for Sean at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

It's a happy ending we can all get behind. So start working on your dance moves, Sean!


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