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Eyes On the Road: Sclera Contacts Help Motorcyclist Ride On

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DALLAS - Chuck Longhenry is not afraid to take risks.

“We race motorcycles, cross country and enduros,” said Longhenry.

But for the past decade, it hasn't been the bike that's put him in danger.

“The big thing with racing is being able to see the terrain in front of you and what you're about to hit, or go over or through,” explained Longhenry.

A botched Lasik surgery left Longhenry with scratches on his cornea. It was hard to see a future in racing

“Eventually his vision got worse and worse and not able to see that good far or near,” said Dr. Albert Pang, an Optometrist with Trinity Eye Care in Plano.

“The problem was everything was hazy, fuzzy. Nothing was ever clear," Longhenry told NewsFix.

But things came into focus when he was fitted with scleral  contact lenses. The contacts have a liquid layer that over time will repair the cornea.

“It becomes a new cornea. So regardless of what type of eye problem, we are still able to use the lenses to restore 20/20 vision,” said Dr Pang.

In most cases, insurance will cover the lenses, which cost about $500 per eye.

“Since the lenses, not only can I go faster, but I can see where I'm going,” Longhenry said

Hey, that's good news for all of us. Just keep your eyes on the road, okay!

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