Frat Fallout: Expelled OU students from Dallas

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Dallas, Tx -

The “Frat Fallout” has spread to Texas.

Turns out both students identified in the racist Oklahoma University video are from Dallas.

Parker Rice, leading the chant on the bus, is a graduate of Jesuit. Levi Pettit who seems to be trying to cut off the camera, is a Highland Park grad.

Rice issued an apology saying “I made a horrible mistake by joining into the singing and encouraging others to do the same,” he added his family is receiving threatening calls and has gone into hiding.

A local group decided to protest in front of Rice’s house Wednesday evening.

“We wanted to go to the stem of the route of this issue. and the stem of the root of the issue is how he was raised,” says Kelly Wick, Chief of Staff of the Next Generation Action Network. “He did not learn racism in less than one semester.”

Dallas Police started prepping for the protest early hoping to keep the protest organized and peaceful.

Levi Pettit’s parents also issued an apology and seem to have fled their Highland Park home.

But while Rice and Pettit had the bad luck to be caught on camera, in his apology Rice says: “The song was taught to us, but that’s not an excuse.”

In fact the SAE board of trustees at Oklahoma has released a statement that the chant has been part of the frat for three or four years.

And it doesn’t stop there:

UT-Austin President Bill Powers announced his University will investigate rumors that the same chant was popular with the Texas SAE chapter.

“That means that song has been in that fraternity group for years and centuries,” says Wick.

Looks like the problems in this fraternity may go way beyond a bunch of boys on a party bus.

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