Hating Bobby Brown: Nick Gordon’s Emotional Dr. Phil Intervention

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ATLANTA, GA -- Looks like Bobbi Kristina`s bae, Nick Gordon, has landed in the hot seat ...again.

But, this time, the drama all went down on Dr. Phil`s couch in a surprise intervention staged by the TV doctor and Nick`s mom, Michelle Gordon. The showdown is set to air this Wednesday.

In a released sneak peak of the episode, Momma Gordon tells the doc about Nick's suicide threats and alcohol abuse. “I hate Bobby Brown,” Gordon yelled during the clip.

Nick's behavior started to reportedly unravel back in January, after Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in her bathtub.

“I miss Krissy and Whitney so much... I want them back,” he tearfully added.

The drama reportedly heated-up behind the scenes. Sources say that once Nick realized the 'interview' was actually an 'intervention' to get him to go to rehab, he completely flipped--reportedly punching two of Dr. Phil's staff members.

But wait, there's more. Bobby Brown`s sister, Leolah Brown, posted to Facebook asking  Dr. Phil not to give Nick media attention.

She also claims Nick is “under investigation for the attempted murder” of Bobbi Kristina.

Hey, that's news to us.

Sheesh, let`s just hope all that family drama will be put to rest so all that energy can be put towards Krissy`s recovery.

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