Spring Forward: Losing Sleep & Gaining Sun

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NORTH TEXAS -- Okay friends, it's that time of year again -- Time to shake off that snow daze.

Nothing says “spring`s almost here” like the start of daylight saving time. Yep! It's time to spring ahead.

You know what that means -- longer days and most importantly, losing that extra hour of sleep.

We get it… many of us are already sleep deprived as it is. But, some science nerds say you can actually save your sleep,  and sanity, by changing a few things other than your clocks.

Sleep scientists at the University of North Carolina suggests hitting the hay earlier on Saturday night. Think of it like stocking up on your snooze time.

They also add soaking up the sun (yeah, the vitamin D) can help lull you to sleepy town.

So, break out the cup of joe and energy drinks; and don't forget to set those clocks ahead at 2 AM. You don't want to have a bad case of the Sundays.

Hey, at least the change means warmer days are just around the corner!