TxDOT crews racing to fill pesky potholes following winter storm

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DALLAS - If you've been back on the roads since Snowmageddon, you probably noticed your ride has gotten bumpier. That's because freeways like I-35 now have more divots than a golf course. They're huge! The type you try to dodge as they keep jumping out in front of your car.

So what's with all the new holes in the road? Well, you can thank the wicked weather.

Here's how it happens: water seeps into cracks in the road, freezes and then expands. As a result, the pavement weakens and you get potholes.

Until it warms up, crews can only use a cold patch to fix the current damage. A more permanent fix will come down the road.

Yeah, these mean streets are turning into a true test of how much your tires and wheels can take.

Hitting one of these babies can leave car owners with a flat tire and thousands of dollars of unexpected repairs. So although it looks like the worst of the winter weather is behind us, there's plenty of work ahead for TxDOT crews.

Hey, try not to get swallowed up by one of these monsters.